Amina's Rain

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Amina daughter of Nikatau, a woman as capable as a man that was able to lead men to war. After the death of her brother Karami, Amina ascended position of queen. Her army consisted of 20,000 foot soldiers and 1,000 cavalry troops were well trained and fearsome. Legend say, she took a new love into every town but they were beheaded so that none should live to tell the story. Under her reign, Amina controlled more territory and had her cities surrounded by earthern walls. These walls have become a commonplace in Zazzau, and many of them survive today known as "Amina's Walls".
Benefits: Contains Marula, Mongongo, and essential oils to maintain moisture boost shine and protect against sun damage.
Directions: Safe for all hair types. Oil can be applied on wet or dry hair. Use daily to seal in moisture and hydrate the hair from the inside out.