Dahomey Drench Hand and Body Cream

The Dahomey Warriors were the most feared women in history. This fierce all female army was so ruthless that European colonist called them the Amazons after the merciless warriors of Greek mythology. From daughters to soldiers, from wives to weaponized, they remain the only documented frontline female troops in modern warfare history. A sub-saharan band of female terminators who left European colonist shaking in their boots. Recruitment was not difficult, the requirements to climb thorn hedges and risk life and limb in battle. They were preceded by a slave girl carrying a bell. The sound told every male to get out of their path, retire a certain distance, and look the other way. To even touch these women meant death. 

24 hours of nourishing moisture 
Absorbs quickly into the skin
skin feels noticeably softer after use 

Made with Organic based ingredients

Directions: Massage into feet, hands, and all over the body for silky soft skin. Use as often as desired.

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