Wear YOUR Crown!

If you are a newbie on this natural hair journey well this blog is for You yes YOU! I will be the first to inform you to RELAX on YOUR JOURNEY, because that's simply what it is a JOURNEY. Here are some rules to keep you sane I promise you will THANK ME❤️

1. )NEVER COMPARE- DO NOT I repeat DO NOT compare your natural hair to anyone else's. For starters, you can't compare the length, texture, or curl pattern to anyone else's because we all have different hair textures. Our textures and length are all different due to heritage and hereditary so don't do that please STOP.

2.) It's ok to ask someone what are they using so far as hair products but don't go broke attempting to purchase every single product someone else is using. Use what works for you but let me tell you a secret "sometimes 3 products to style is all you need". As long as you are using a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and leave in try to limit your styling products to 3 or 2.

3.) Keeping your ends trimmed is the life of your hair.  Depending on YOUR hair texture you may have to trim more often or less just play close attention to your hair. The life of your hair styles and length will depend on this.

4.) WATER.. Drinking plenty of water maintains healthy nerve endings in the scalp, strengthen your hair, and increase growth. Hydration makes for stronger hair. When roots are hydrated, this eliminates problems with dandruff and hair is less likely to break or get limp.

5.) Diet- Diet will also play an important role when wearing your crown. Daily dosages of medicines period will have a huge effect on your hair because of the side effects so if you are a sister who have to take any of these try to stay away from styles which will cause tension, stress, and or breakage. Eating properly is important too so try to incorporate fiber, fruits, vegetables, and vitamins in your day to day regime.

6.) OIL your scalp.  Oils protect the follicle from surfactants  by filling the gap between cuticle cells. Oil helps in scalp health. When you gently massage the scalp  with oil it helps in exfoliation and sometimes that helps in reducing hair fall. Hair oils are extremely important when wearing protective styles. A dry scalp equals breakage and extreme shedding so oil your scalp.

7.) Find a spray bottle and fill it with oil, water, and twist. Hydrate as needed and detangle.. detangle.. and detangle.. preferably once or twice a week but plaits and or twist are your friend the best moisture retainer hairstyle ever.

8.) Last but not least OWN AND WEAR YOUR CROWN. Everyday will not be a good hair day so on those days when it's not WEAR IT ANYWAY AND OWN IT. Invest in cute head wraps, scarves, etc and allow your hair to just BE❤️