There is a lot going on right now in the world and we are all searching for ways to make things a whole lot easier but don't sacrifice your hair and health to do so. Black women who feel the need to turn back to relaxers feel it's a lot to maintain, they don't like shrinkage, and they are in search of simplicity. So before you TURN BACK follow these quick tips:

🗓Remain calm. Set aside a day or a half a day where you can devote time to take care of your hair and understand what is going on without rushing.

💦 Find out what your hair is in need of. What length you are trying to achieve or if you just want to wear it short. Maybe even try a different color.

💇🏾Start with a trim. You cannot take care of your hair continuing to wear protective styles and not maintaining what's underneath.

🚿Purchase a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Deep condition at least once a week and a hot oil treatment will help during this process. Moisturize and twist. Natural hair love twist it's a moisture retainer and it's healthy too. If you participated in the "big chop" and can't twist enjoy this process it's simply a wash and go. I promise you, you will miss this stage!

💫 Find a style that will work for your lifestyle. Locs, Twist, Cornrolls, etc. But also find time to take care of YOUR HAIR. Monthly check in's with a stylist who specialize in natural hair is not a bad idea. STAY AWAY from styles that will cause breakage and you can't see any growth.

💦 Grease is not for everybody. Find a hair oil which will give you the moisture your in need of to maintain your style and stop breakage in whatever style you choose.

✨ Embrace the shrinkage. Your hair is YOUR CROWN. Again I stated this before in a previous blog. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR CROWN to anyone else. OWN IT and WEAR IT PROUD.

If you just have to turn back keep in mind that frequent and long-term use of lye-based hair straightening products, or relaxers, may increase the risk of breast cancer among Black women, compared with more moderate use. Black women who used hair products containing lye at least seven times a year for 15 or more years had an approximately 30 percent increased risk of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer compared with more infrequent users. (Boston University's Black Women's Health Study). 

 As your hair continues to grow and you see improvement this in itself will keep you staying the course. Honestly, the most important thing is optimal hair health and the confidence to wear it however you see fit. Stay in the game  and stick it out but don't sacrifice your health for simplicity in the process QUEENS!